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Advantages of FTTH

The advantages of FTTH are mainly 5 points: First, it is a passive network, from the central office to the user, basically passive in the middle; Second, second, its bandwidth is relatively wide, and the long distance is just in line with the large-scale use of operators; Third, third, because it is a business carri...


FTTH drop cable

FTTH drop cable is mainly used for the FTTH drop (from the optical fiber distribution box to the user’s home ONT equipment), which is divided into ordinary butterfly drop cable (GJXH), self-supporting butterfly drop cable (GJYXFCH), prefabricated end Butterfly drop cable, invisible butterfly cable and prefabri...


FTTH optic fiber cable structure

In the original FTTC structure, if the optical network unit set on the roadside is replaced with a passive optical splitter, and then the optical network unit is moved to the user’s home, it is an FTTH structure. If the optical network unit is placed at the terminal equipment of large enterprise users (compani...


ADSS Optical Cable Main Technical Parameters

ADSS Main technical parameters


GYTA53 optic fiber cable

GYTA53, optic fiber cable